Christmas Eve 2020

For many, Christmas is characterised by ritual and tradition that draws family together. Christmas trees, decorations and festive lights go up, ham and turkey ordered, family told what to bring as plans are made for a day or night to remember. It’s a time we celebrate together.

For many of you, this tradition included a walk or drive to St Michael’s carpark for a Christmas Eve service of carols, drama and a message reminding us of the Christmas story; that God sent His son Jesus as a baby into the world.

This year, things are different, we’re unable to uphold the tradition of Christmas Eve in the carpark. However, we can still meet together; only differently.

At 7 pm on Christmas Eve, we will televise an amazing production entitled ‘Alone Together’ on channel 44, Facebook, YouTube and through Lutheran Media, thus we are continuing the tradition of carols, readings, drama and a Christmas message.

By tuning in at 7pm, we can join together as a community and celebrate Christmas together. We encourage you to invite neighbours, friends, workmates and family to gather in your home to watch the Christmas Eve service. Let’s make sure no one spends Christmas alone.

For further information,
please contact us:

St Michael’s Lutheran Church Hahndorf
Phone: (08) 8338 1225
Email: [email protected]

During the night, we will be taking donations for the wonderful work that Australian Lutheran World Service do. You can find out more about them here:

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